Keep Georgia Growing

Commissioner Gary Black is looking forward to continuing his record of conservative leadership in Georgia’s Department of Agriculture. In his first term as Agriculture Commissioner, Gary has made great strides in improving safety, quality, growth and innovation throughout Georgia’s largest industry.

Our commitment continues to be:

  • Safe Food – Train and prepare food inspectors to focus on high-risk priorities that solve core issues in our state food supply chain and save time and money for the department, businesses and consumers.
  •  Strong Farms Further establish Georgia Grown as our state brand, expand agricultural trade relationships that offer solid, long-term business development for our farmers, and fight the onslaught of federal regulations that are so burdensome to our farm families.
  • Responsible Government – Maintain and expand online accessibility of all licensure, continue to do more with less in order to maintain efficiency and remain under budget, make sure consumers get what they pay for at the fuel pump, and provide common sense solutions for animal health.

We look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail. Thank you for your support and for your vote on November 4th to Keep Georgia Growing

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Gary Black for Commissioner of Agriculture
PO Box 1700
Commerce, GA 30529


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